International Track Systems, Inc. was established in 1937 and incorporated in 1969. From the beginning, we’ve been pioneers and innovators of track materials. With a focus on rubber and plastic components, we continue to design, innovate, and manufacture OTM.

For the railroads, we currently supply products that reduce vibration and noise, isolate stray current, reduce rail seat abrasion, protect railroad ties, and keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe. We often help contractors and design firms solve these complicated issues.

In the 1980s, we expanded into other markets, primarily the truck and trail market. We manufacture sub-frame cushions, seals, gaskets and more for some of the biggest truck body builders in the world.

In 2018, we acquired StarClass. We now manufacture and sell APU’s to railroads all over the frozen north. The APU saves up to 20 gallons of fuel per locomotive per day by eliminating idling and water dumping.

Stay in touch for our latest patented developments in all of these markets.