Grade Crossings

Rail Seal Rubber Interface

We have 500,000 feet of rail seal installed across the United States. Our rail seal is 100% vulcanized rubber and comes in standard or dielectric strength. We have sizes to match all existing rails.

Our seals come with an optional clamping system that applies equal clamping pressure down the line so you get a nice, straight installation every time.

We also produce seals for precast crossings of all shapes and sizes.

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Flangeway Filler

We have designed a system that will fill in the flangeway (the gap between the rail and the road

surface). This system prevents injury to pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and the handicapped.

Traditionally, these systems could only be used in areas where train speed is less than 15 mph, however, we have a design that will endure higher speeds.

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