Locomotive Auxiliary Power Unit in New Castle, PA

INTRODUCING the H90, the world’s first HYBRID APU for locomotives! This idle reduction technology is designed to keep the water temperature up, preventing the need to idle the locomotive in cold weather. Save on fuel costs, save on engine wear and tear, save by preventing downtime, and save the environment. This flexible, durable, and powerful locomotive auxiliary power unit in New Castle, PA, is the most innovative unit on the market.

H90 Hybrid APU

  • Diesel/Electric Hybrid can power itself or use 110V shore power, so whether you’re on the tracks for months or coming home every night, this locomotive auxiliary power unit will perform the way you need it to.
  • NO DAINTY CIRCUIT BOARDS. This unit is designed to withstand the vibration and impact of being on the tracks.
  • Rated for -40F All components rated for temps down to -40F
  • Ease of Maintenance The built-in Fault Finder display reduces maintenance times by communicating when it is due for routine maintenance or when there is an issue that needs attention.
  • Oil Warming (Optional) The H90 can be fitted to warm oil as well as water
  • High Efficiency Our choice of the Yanmar motor allows for high fuel efficiencies, using 1/4″ gallon of diesel per hour, but remember, it’s a hybrid! The engine runs on average 15 minutes per hour, translating into 1/16 of a gallon of fuel per hour of operation.
  • Flexible Footprint The H90 has two main sections, which can be configured in several different ways or in a custom arrangement to fit your locomotive’s space. The standard footprint is 17″ by 40″.
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring We have the ability to see your locomotive auxiliary power unit from our tech center. We can troubleshoot, pinpoint problems, and even start your unit no matter where you are on the planet!

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