Railroad Materials OTM

Embedded Track Materials

We manufacture OTM for embedded track, including Rail Boot, Steel Leveling Ties, Rail Seal, Ballast Mat, Flangeway Fillers and formers, HDPE shims, Elastomeric Grout, and custom materials. If you’re bidding on streetcar or light rail embedded systems, we provide high quality at low cost. Email us at tye@railroadproducts.com 

Industrial sites all over the country have installed our flangeway fillers to eliminate the tripping hazard caused by the flangeway. We also have developed a filler system for transits or areas where train speed is higher.

Call 724-658-5970 for more information or email us at tye@railroadproducts.com

Ballasted Track, Bridge, and Special Trackwork

We also manufacture OTM for ballasted track, including materials for bridges and special trackwork. Whether it’s the latest in bridge bearing pads, or Undertie Pads for special trackwork such as turnouts (HDPE or Rubber), or regular masticated rubber tie pads on a bridge, we make it. Call us 724-658-5970 or email tye@railroadproducts.com

  • MIL-C-882E, Cotton Duck, Layered pads (64 layers per inch of thickness)
  • Fiber-Reinforced Masticated Rubber, sheet or cut to size
  • Fabric-Reinforced Elastomers, such as 3-PLY EPDM or CIS (Cloth-inserted sheet)
  • Neoprene per AASHTO specification ASTM D4014
  • HDPE, custom fabrication available
  • Commercial Grade Rubber
  • Custom Extrusions

Direct Fixation or Plinth Track Materials

We manufacture OTM for DF track, such as rubber rail seats, rail pads, rubber tie plates, ballast mats, and more

  • Rail Pads prevent rail seat abrasion and come in EVA, HDPE, Nylon, or Rubber
  • Rubber Rail Seats reduce track stiffness and ground-bourn vibration. Perfect for track in repair shops and scales. Can be dielectric strength or standard.
  • Rubber Tie plates for 6″ base rail or 5-1/2″ base rail in stock.

Contact Tye Tyson at tye@railroadproducts.com