Truck & Trailer Body Materials

Dump Truck Body

In the 1980’s, we entered the dump truck market when we designed a rubber and steel channel system to replace old oak stringers on dump bodies. We called it “The T-Strip System”. Now, over 75% of the dump body builders out there use our system. We produce a variety of sizes ranging from ¼” thick all the way up to 2”. We also form the steel for the channel system at a very competitive rate.

We also produce a variety of tailgate seals and gaskets for these trucks.

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Hydrovac Truck and Tankers

We make a wide variety of rubber gaskets for Hydrovac truck bodies using custom blends of rubber meant to deliver performance.

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Dry Van and Trailers

We make dock bumpers, rubber bumpers, scuff board and more for box trailer and dry van manufacturers across the country.  We reinforce these materials with fiber for added strength and durability.

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